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Art Guild

The Art Guild provides students who possess significant fine art skills a structured environment in which they can further explore and develop those skills while pursuing a college education, regardless of their area of study.

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The State Street Gallery hosts a variety of professional artists as an outlet for art education and cultural enrichment to the community. It serves the University’s students and employees as well as visitors and residents of Chicago.

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Study Abroad

Students have the opportunity to live and study abroad in one of our customized programs tailored to RMU students’ needs. Each program has been developed with a partnering school that specializes in a particular area of study.

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Senior Showcase

This juried exhibition is a culmination of the students’ educational experience in the graphic design program. Its purpose is to highlight the talents of the designs students as well as the IAD Interactive Digital Publication curriculum.

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Film Festival

This film festival is a collegiate film competition open to all college/university students regardless of school, location or major area of study. It is a venue to foster community between college students while providing them a forum to tell a story.

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Institute of Art & Design

The Institute of Art & Design programs offer students a broad-based general education and specific design training in preparation for entering the professional design fields.

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