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RMU Art Guild

Art Guild


It is a “team” of artists who work with an artistic "coach.” They are provided studio space and art supplies to develop their work on a regular basis. They work independently as well as with their "coach" and fellow "teammates" to experiment with new media and techniques. They participate in monthly critiques, field trips to galleries and professional artists’ studios, and yearly exhibitions of their own work. They are ultimately working toward exploring their own artistic style and completing a full body of work for a culminating gallery exhibition.

Each spring, RMU accepts online submissions of artwork from high school seniors nearing graduation. From those submissions, students with outstanding artistic skills are invited to present their work in person at the campus nearest them. From those presentations, the "best of the best" are selected to join the guild that fall with the start of new school year.

Students who are accepted into the guild are rewarded with a 4-quarter, full tuition scholarship. They must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA and participate in the guild activities in order to continue receiving their scholarship. They may study any major offered at Robert Morris University's Chicago campus.   


All you need to do is complete the application form (linked below) and upload 7-10 samples of your finest artwork. If you qualify, you will then be scheduled to present your artwork in person at the campus nearest you. At that point you will need to apply and be accepted to RMU before receiving the award.

Placement in the Art Guild is very limited. To apply, click the link below.